martes, 8 de abril de 2008

Real Estate, from abroad to Panama

Panama is having a Real Estate Boom nowadays, and a lot of foreigners are coming to our country in order to invest in Real Estate.

In principle thie is a very lucrative activity, and if done properly it can result in a very good investment. Nevertheless, there are some points, in the legal and economic points of view to take into consideration: Prices are climbing without any order whatsoever and can be subject to all kinds of roller coaster ups and downs; and there are a lot of title/ possession / issues regarding the land in the countryside of Panama.

The first problem cannot be solved, but measures can be taken prior to an acquisition:
1. Check the values of surrounding buildings or lands in the public Catastro
2. Check the facts, location etc of the promoters if it is a new building
3. Contact as many real estate brokers as you can in order to have a variety of prices
4. Talk to banks and appraisers, look for serious partners
Our firm can gladly assist you, also with our affiliate real estate company.
The second problem can be solved, but can take time, check with us:
1. Title research in the Public Registry office
2. Litigations pending in civil courts
3. Possession rights inquiry
4. Measures, permits
5. Construction and urban boundaries and regulations
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